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Busy Business Owners !

Making Sales and doing Jobs have taken up all your time ?
Are you too busy to manage the growth and development of your business ?
B.L.C. can help.        Solutions and Services

We are a quick and easy solution to a growing business.

We serve as a convenient source of information for the owners in the areas of business management, financial analysis, strategic planning, tax planning, and business start-ups.

We provide a hassle free recordkeeping service. We organize the paperworks, do the bookkeeping and prepare the financial reports so the business owners can be free to focus their efforts on Sales and profit producing activities.

We prepare for the owners, up todate relevant financial statements and information with which owners can make timely adjustments to keep their business on track. Important profit related decisions can be made quickly and confidently.

The services we provide are singular in purpose, to help you grow and prosper. Our prime objective is to be a convenient business development and service center to help busy owners reach their full potential as effective leaders and achieve their business goals.


Customize our services to fit your style of management and your operational needs.