Are you spending more time with your books and paperworks then with your business ?
B.L.C can help.          Solutions and Services

Your paperwork will be sorted and organized.  Information can then be easily looked up from your records.

Your checkbook balance will be reconciled with your bank balance.  Account discrepancies can then be adjusted before they will have a negative impact on your daily business operation.

Your bookkeeping will be completed.

You will receive a monthly Profit & Loss Statement.

You will always know how your business is doing on a timely basis. Adjustments can be made to improve and maximize your profit.

Your records will be in order and ready for your year-end tax returns. This means you can file sooner. More importantly, you can better plan for future taxes and how taxes may impact decisions on the growth of the business moving forward.

Accounting & bookkeeping services will be billed at $65 per hour.
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